DeFine Introduction
DeFine is the social NFT platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes. The platform facilitates all social interaction, engagement and communication for creators and their fanbase with digital assets like NFTs and social/fan tokens, and real assets on the blockchain. Owners of social/fan tokens will have many benefits including special access to the creators’ NFTs, merchandise, content, etc. while being part of a private community. It is also the social platform for all participants in the digital world where they can identify and interact with each other through their NFT social profiles which are based on their contribution and achievements in the digital world. Ultimately, the DeFine will serve as a social platform for creators and users to define how to engage with each other and build communities in the digital world.
Main Feature
Social Features
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    Digital Credit System: The NFT-based social profile will pave ways for future NFT-based DeFI features such as credit lending. For example, users can collateralize its honor medals like a “credit” to get loans. If the user doesn’t payback on time, his honor medal will be burned and given a dishonor label instead.
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    Metaverse Profile: The NFT-based social profile will be utilized in different metaverses where the users activity is reflected among their profile. For example, users can gain honor by having achievements in different metaverses.
Marketplace Features
Initial NFT Offering (INO): The Initial NFT Offering feature enables creators to sell NFTs and for users to purchase the latest NFTs from creators. This feature is similar to most NFT marketplaces that allow artists to sell their digital work in the form of NFTs. The INO is a great opportunity for the creators to gain exposure and promote their work and for collectors to become the first owners of rare digital items. The initial offering types will include English Auction, Dutch Auction, and Fixed Swap Auction. The INO allows creators to purchase and sell their NFTs seamlessly no matter what blockchain the NFTs are from.
NFT Exhibition Hall: The Exhibition Hall is a decentralized storage interface where creators and collectors can exhibit their NFTs without an immediate sale purpose. This functions in a similar way to art galleries and museums that add value to the overall art experience. This is a way for creators to grow their following and increase their exposure outside of their existing communities. This interface is separate from the individual customized creator pages that creators have on the platform.
2021 Q1
Launch Decentralized NFT Marketplace (V1.0 )
2021 Q2
Support Video NFTs on Platform
Integrate with Binance Smart Chain
Launch Social NFT Platform ( V2.0 )
2021 Q3
Initiate the DeFine Social Profile system
Launch $DFA Token
Launch DeFine DAO V1.0
Release Governance, Voting, Attention Mining Features
Initiate Creator Program
Launch DeFine Gaming and DeFine Music
Integrate with major blockchains such as FLOW
2021 Q4 and future
Introduce NFT-Fi including Lending and Borrowing
Upgrade Social NFT Platform with Full Community Features( V3.0 )
Release Mobile Application
Support Creator fan token model
Launch DeFine NFT Collectibles with Mainstream IP
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